We are excited to announce the new Talk More. Tech Less. Online Course coming Christmas 2016!


A Family Guide to Smartphones, Social Media & the Online World

This course is a Drivers Ed. for smartphone users. Whether your kids/teens are taking their first plunge into this online and smartphone world or they are experienced users, this information is for them AND YOU!  This is an online course for parents and kids/teens facing smartphone issues. We will cover tech etiquette, technology dependency, addiction, boundaries, online safety, social media accounts, accountability, cyber bullying and tons more. This information will be so practical, yet eye opening for your family. We interview other teens, getting your child’s peers to chime in on the issues they are personally facing and how they deal with their online world.  *Course will be family friendly & will not expose or educate on any explicit material except for addressing sensitive material in a "parent only" section.