We know it is not realistic in today's world to completely unplug from technology, but there are moments when we should look away from our screens. So how do we do that? Talk More Tech Less demonstrates how to maintain a healthy balance between relationships and technology use. 

UNPLUGGED RETREAT   Next date will be posted soon.


Next date will be posted soon.

Smartphone Ed

Similar to a Drivers Ed. course for driving this is a training for smartphone users. It is an online course for parents and kids/teens facing smartphone issues.  Whether they are taking their first plunge into this online world or are experienced users, this information is for them AND YOU!  

Talk more meals

We believe in the power of meal sharing. The space around the table is meant to be sacred. Mealtimes are an age old tradition that are quickly becoming rare, if not extinct in our busy, fast-paced lives. We are creating a solution to that issue for local Waco residents with Talk More Meals. We provide the distraction free connections around the table.