Talk More MEALS

Sharing a family meal enhances the spirit, brain and health of all family members. Studies link regular family dinners with many positive behaviors; lower rates of substance abuse, teen pregnancy and depression, as well as higher grade-point averages and self-esteem.
— Family Dinner Project

We believe in the power of meal sharing. The space around the table is meant to be sacred. Mealtimes are an age old tradition that are quickly becoming rare, if not extinct in our busy, fast-paced lives. We are creating a solution to that issue for local Waco residents with Talk More Meals. We provide the distraction free connections around the table with:

~Our Detox Box for devices to be stashed during mealtime  ~ CLICK HERE TO HAVE ONE SHIPPED TO YOU!

~Our TALK MORE talking points to take you deeper with your family, or just for some great laughs

~Our delicious ready-to-eat Whole30/Paleo/Certified Gluten Free meals that include all-natural, farm to table ingredients. 

Talk More Meals include:

  • A one time "Buy-In" Fee, of $75 includes a Detox Box with mealtime Conversation Cards to take you deeper in your relationships.
  • $10 a portion meal (Our meals offered are grain and dairy free, anti-inflammatory meals to help heal the body naturally, while you're building healthy relationships.) *all certified gluten free
  • Each Portion includes a "Talk More" question on our labels to help the connection with that meal!
Farm to Table Ingredients

Farm to Table Ingredients


We hope you check out our food and conversation as Talk More Meals is coming soon to the Waco Area!